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The New York discrimination lawyers at Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC represent clients who are dealing with gender discrimination in New York. At Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC our New York discrimination attorneys are knowledgeable about the many federal, state and local laws prohibiting gender discrimination in New York City.

New York City discrimination based on gender can occur at any time during the employment relationship, from the initial job application through the last day on the job. In many cases, gender-based discrimination in New York is accompanied by sexual harassment in the workplace. Both are violations of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as well as state and city laws.

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New York discrimination based on gender generally takes four basic forms in the workplace including the following:

  • Disparate Treatment: when an employee is treated differently because of gender
  • Disparate Impact: when company policies exclude or otherwise adversely affect employees on the basis of gender, even when unintentional
  • Sexual harassment/Hostile Work Environment: when misconduct interferes with individual work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment
  • Sexual harassment/Quid Pro Quo: misconduct linked to a grant or denial of an economic benefit

Your discrimination attorney in New York City can advise you on the different types of gender discrimination and answer specific questions for your case. Know the facts before proceeding. Speak with an experienced and tough discrimination lawyer in New York City today.

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Gender discrimination is a complex area of the law and workers should consult New York City discrimination lawyers if they feel they are being sexually harassed or treated unequally because of their gender.

Discrimination lawyers in New York City may need to file a claim with different state and federal administrative agencies or pursue a lawsuit to resolve the case. Our experienced discrimination lawyers in New York can help you seek the best resolution to your discrimination case.

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New York City gender discrimination laws mandate that male and female workers must be treated equally in the workplace, including work rules, compensation and a non-threatening work environment. The following links lead to information about common types of discrimination in the workplace:

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