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Credit Checks May Be a Form of Employment Discrimination, Study Says

Pending legislation, if passed, would make New York City one of the leaders in the battle against an under-recognized form of discrimination in employment: the use of credit reports. A Demos study using data collected in 2012 indicates that the use of credit reports during the pre-employment process constitutes a barrier to employment, particularly for… Read More »

EEOC Files Complaint Against New York Firm for Religious Discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sued United Health Programs of America and its parent company Cost Containment Group, Inc. for religious discrimination in a case filed in early June of 2014. Mandatory quasi-religious practices enforced by an employer came under fire by the EEOC in a complaint that alleges the following: Defendants in the… Read More »

Sometimes the Only Defense: Motion to Dismiss

For persons accused of employment or sexual harassment, a motion to dismiss the matter is usually the first defense. In Milocys Dominguez v Shai Guber et al., Ms. Dominguez alleges she suffered sexual harassment and workplace retaliation in violation of the New York City Human Rights Law. The facts of the case include the following:… Read More »

Unemployment Benefits Granted to Woman Who Quit Due to Sexual Harassment

The Appellate Division, Third Division recently upheld an award of unemployment benefits to a woman who quit her job due to ongoing sexual harassment by her supervisor, the owner of the company. For employees who quit jobs due to sexual harassment, unemployment benefits are not guaranteed. According to the Laws of New York, employees who… Read More »

“Culture of Sexual Harassment” in Albany

New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver must face a federal action brought against him by two women because of the “culture of sex-based discrimination in Albany.” In May of 2013, Democratic Assemblyman Vito Lopez resigned from the New York Assembly rather than be expelled. Prior to his resignation, the release of an investigative report by… Read More »

Ex-CNN Technician Files Suit for Discrimination

An employee known for his colorful suits has filed his own discrimination lawsuit against CNN. In 2002, William Kane began working for news network CNN as a microphone technician. During his tenure with CNN, Mr. Kane was known for his colorful clothing, including mariachi and track suits in differing bold colors. Coupled with matching sombrero,… Read More »

The Importance of the Right Kind of Legal Counsel in a Sexual Harassment Case

A recent court ruling takes legal counsel to task for an unwitting approach to a sexual harassment case in New York. Attorneys are officers of the court paid to zealously represent client interests. In the matter of Thomas v David Shavolian et al., Sharina Thomas alleges the following: At an initial meeting, Mr. Shavolian asked… Read More »

A Global Concern: Addressing Gender-Based Crime

Faced with the grim reality of increased abuse of women during international conflicts, the International Criminal Court (ICC) intensified its focus on gender-based crime. Located at the Hague in the Netherlands, the ICC is an independent organization charged with investigating and prosecuting crimes that impact countries and communities around the world. The Hague is a… Read More »

Rochester “Bans the Box” to Prevent Employment Discrimination

The city of Rochester recently joined Buffalo in taking steps to reduce discrimination against job applicants with a criminal record. According to a New York Times editorial, about one in four adults in the United States has a criminal record. The collateral consequences of a criminal record are sometimes worse than the punishment suffered after… Read More »

First Circuit Court of Appeals Addresses Employment Discrimination

An appeals court recently found an employee provided sufficient evidence to present his case of employment discrimination by the Department of Homeland Security. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects employees in the United States from discrimination based on nation of origin. Since the tragic events of September 11, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment has boiled… Read More »

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