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What Constitutes Discrimination During a Job Interview?

One of the most common ways that employment discrimination lawsuits arise is by discrimination that happens within the setting of a job interview. There are certain questions or types of treatment that you might encounter during an interview that could be considered discriminatory.  First, be on the lookout for discriminatory questions during an interview. Any… Read More »

Effects of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) is a federal law that makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against workers or job candidates based on their age. The act applies to anyone who is at least 40 years of age and to all employers that run companies with at least 20 employees. While individual… Read More »

Issues of Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Religious discrimination is specifically prohibited by federal law and is covered under a variety of federal statutes. However, what does and does not constitute discrimination can occasionally be confusing. So what types of situations are employers required to approach tactfully and abide by religious discrimination laws?  In just about every situation, federal law prohibits employers… Read More »

Studies on Gender Discrimination Reveal Bias Still Exists in the Workplace

While many people would likely agree that the United States has come a long way in terms of gender discrimination in the workplace, several studies still indicate that a bias still exists that must be overcome.  Some experts wonder whether making people aware of that bias will make a difference in helping to combat it…. Read More »

New York Continues to Make Progress on LGBT Employment Equality

Recent reports seem to indicate that the state of New York is making great strides toward achieving equality in the world of employment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. A couple of recent announcements highlighted this progress:  The state announced in mid-December that it would now be illegal for transgender people to be denied… Read More »

MLB Executive Files Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against League

A high-ranking female executive in the Major League Baseball offices has filed a lawsuit for gender discrimination against league Executive Vice President and Hall of Fame player Frank Robinson, Commissioner Bud Selig and Major League Baseball as an organization. Sylvia Lind, the Director of Baseball initiatives, claims in the suit that MLB has a long… Read More »

Seven Women to File Harassment Lawsuit Against New York Assemblyman

According to a recent report from an Albany newspaper, seven different women are expected to file a lawsuit against former state Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak, D-Cheektowaga. Gabryszak resigned from his position in 2013 after numerous complaints of sexual harassment were brought to light.  In light of these issues of harassment and others that have caused many… Read More »

NYC Sexual Harassment News: Queens Principal Accused of Harassment, Discrimination

The team of NYC sexual harassment lawyers at the Derek Smith Law Group have just learned about a new lawsuit filed Tuesday 12/2 in a New York court. A Queens high school principal has been accused of harassing a science teacher because of her sexual orientation. Workplace sexual harassment is, of course, illegal in New… Read More »

Employees File Claim Against HSBC for Retaliation

According to the Financial Times, two employees of the securities firm HSBC have sued their employer for retaliation, claiming they were punished after reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. The employees brought two separate suits in the southern district court of New York in June and August.  The employees allege that they reported that a… Read More »

Job Discrimination Against the Unemployed

Although overall unemployment is lower in recent months than it had been, a sizable portion of the unemployed — about a third, according to the U.S. Department of Labor — consists of those who have been jobless for 27 weeks or longer. Often due to a combination of age and joblessness, these applicants are frequently… Read More »

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