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NYC Sexual Harassment News: Queens Principal Accused of Harassment, Discrimination

The team of NYC sexual harassment lawyers at the Derek Smith Law Group have just learned about a new lawsuit filed Tuesday 12/2 in a New York court. A Queens high school principal has been accused of harassing a science teacher because of her sexual orientation. Workplace sexual harassment is, of course, illegal in New… Read More »

Employees File Claim Against HSBC for Retaliation

According to the Financial Times, two employees of the securities firm HSBC have sued their employer for retaliation, claiming they were punished after reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. The employees brought two separate suits in the southern district court of New York in June and August.  The employees allege that they reported that a… Read More »

Job Discrimination Against the Unemployed

Although overall unemployment is lower in recent months than it had been, a sizable portion of the unemployed — about a third, according to the U.S. Department of Labor — consists of those who have been jobless for 27 weeks or longer. Often due to a combination of age and joblessness, these applicants are frequently… Read More »

Employees and Social Media: A New Frontier

A recent case involving a Connecticut sports bar calls attention to some of the issues related to social media in the present-day workplace. When Triple Play Sports Bar & Grille in Watertown caught wind of employees complaining on Facebook about issues related to state income tax withholding, the bar owners responded by firing two employees,… Read More »

Smokers and Workplace Discrimination

Anyone who was alive 20 or 30 years ago can probably recall how common it was to see people smoking cigarettes and cigars in contexts, physical spaces and situations that would seem totally foreign to many younger people.  With the rise of anti-smoking campaigns, the growing awareness around the science of first- and second-hand smoke… Read More »

‘You’ve Got Mail’ Restaurant in Hostile Workplace Suit

Café Lalo, the restaurant featured in the 1998 film, “You’ve Got Mail,” is at the center of a $26 million lawsuit filed by 13 former female employees who allege that the manager used the establishment as his “personal dating service.” According to the lawsuit, the manager, Daniel Reyes, created a hostile work environment through sexual… Read More »

Is Pregnancy Discrimination Considered Sexual Harassment in New York City?

Our NYC sexual harassment lawyers have been asked about pregnancy discrimination and sexual harassment. Does pregnancy discrimination fall under the purview of sexual harassment regulation? The answer is not exactly. Both pregnancy discrimination and sexual harassment are considered forms of sex discrimination, but are different legal concepts governed by various city, state, and federal law…. Read More »

Legal Marijuana Finds Itself at Odds with Employment Law

In a case just now reaching the Colorado Supreme Court, a man with a valid medical marijuana card who says he smoked before bed to relieve the effects of paralysis may soon find out whether his employer was in the right to fire him for violating a drug-free workplace policy. The effects of this case… Read More »

Appearance-Based Discrimination is More than ‘Hot or Not’

Employment discrimination based on looks is a complicated and potentially very dangerous practice for employers to engage in. In hiring, it is not technically illegal to reject a candidate based on his or her appearance. However, it is extremely risky for a number of reasons.  Federal law prohibits discrimination based on race, sex, age, religion… Read More »

Columbia Janitor Sues Over Racial Discrimination

A janitor at Columbia University is suing the institution for racial discrimination, alleging that administrators unfairly treat him and other black employees on account of their skin color. Oumar Coulibay, who started working at a residential complex in 2008, claims that in addition to experiencing job-related setbacks, he has also suffered significant health problems resulting… Read More »

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