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Understanding a Noncompete Clause

Employers are including noncompete language in employment contracts more often. What does that mean to you? A recent article in The New York Times discusses the rising use of noncompete language in employment contracts. When an employee leaves the employ of a company, noncompete language prohibits him or her from sharing or using company information… Read More »

Unemployment Benefits Granted to Woman Who Quit Due to Sexual Harassment

The Appellate Division, Third Division recently upheld an award of unemployment benefits to a woman who quit her job due to ongoing sexual harassment by her supervisor, the owner of the company. For employees who quit jobs due to sexual harassment, unemployment benefits are not guaranteed. According to the Laws of New York, employees who… Read More »

Virginia Court Finds Employer Could be Responsible for Customer Harassment of Employee

by Derek T. Smith A recent Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling kept alive a legal claim against an employer for harassment of an employee by a customer. In Freeman v. Dal-Tile Corporation, the plaintiff, Lori Freeman, brought a lawsuit against her former employer and others under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act…. Read More »

Rochester “Bans the Box” to Prevent Employment Discrimination

by Derek T. Smith The city of Rochester recently joined Buffalo in taking steps to reduce discrimination against job applicants with a criminal record. According to a New York Times editorial, about one in four adults in the United States has a criminal record. The collateral consequences of a criminal record are sometimes worse than… Read More »

Shikellamy Sued In Child Sexual Harassment Case

In a disturbing piece of sexual harassment news New York sexual harassment attorneys have learned of a case involving the groping of a child. Parents of a kindergarten student are accusing the Shikellamy School District in Harrisburg, PA and its principal of failure to protect their child against the groping of a fellow student. The… Read More »

Sexual Harassment News: Has Egypt Finally Decided Enough is Enough?

Between the video of an Egyptian TV reporter allegedly being groped in the middle of a town square and the international “bra incident” of a popular female TV anchor, the month of June brought Egypt’s sexual harassment struggles international attention. Every New York attorney was regularly checking for updates and optimistically following the latest legal… Read More »

QAU Assistant Professor Accused of Sexual Harassing A Female Student

A female MBA student at Quaid-e-Azam University is has filed a written complaint against an assistant professor for alleged sexual harassment during a meeting to discuss her quarterly grading. Our New York lawyers have been following the case closely. The Vice-Chancellor of the university reports that the young woman submitted a written complaint against Dr…. Read More »

Women In The Islamabad Workplace and Sexual Harassment

The Secretary General of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, IA Rehman, issued a report outlining the problems in current Pakistani sexual harassment laws. According to Rehman, the problem lies not in a lack of laws but in the reluctance to search out the flaws in these policies. Legal and human rights activists gathered in… Read More »

Shocking American Apparel Firing: CEO Accused of Sexual Harassment

The CEO of American Apparel has been fired amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. Dov Charney turned American Apparel from a struggling fashion start up into a fashion powerhouse before being removed from his position this month. The company’s Chief Financial Officer, John Luttrell, will be serving as an interim CEO until a permanent replacement… Read More »

Texas Sheriff’s Office Employee Accused of Sexual Harassment

An El Paso County sheriff’s office employee who is currently under investigation for sexual harassment complaints has been shown to also have a number of these complaints brought against him in the past. Reports show that in 2011, Sgt. Schaller was accused of having a relationship with a woman he pulled over during a traffic… Read More »

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