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Bank Employee Barred from Building After Reporting Harassment

Michael Picarella, an employee of HSBC’s Fifth Avenue location in Manhattan, filed a lawsuit against the bank earlier this year for harassment. After attempting to return to work after the Thanksgiving holiday, he was surprised to discover that he was being barred from entering the building.  The 47-year-old Picarella originally filed the lawsuit with claims… Read More »

Age Discrimination: When Older Employees are Pushed Out

Discrimination based on age is a huge problem in many workplaces. Older employees may be forced into early retirement or see their responsibilities or wages reduced based on their age. Additionally, many older job applicants have greater difficulty securing employment due to their age. Although this form of discrimination can sometimes be difficult to prove,… Read More »

What Rights Do Tipped Employees Have in New York?

Employees who work primarily for tips, including restaurant servers, delivery workers and other service-based employees, have unique rights in New York. Unlike traditional forms of employment, wage and hour laws differ when it comes to tip-based employment. Federal law governs some of these rights, while New York has its own laws when it comes to… Read More »

Can New York Employers Drug Test Their Employees?

Currently, New York does not have any law on its books when it comes to employers requiring drug tests. While federal law requires such testing in a few safety-sensitive industries (such as transportation or aviation), it does not require or prohibit drug testing in any other way in other work environments. For the most part,… Read More »

How Can An Employer Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Most employers recognize that they are required to treat employees with respect and may not sexually harass their workers. However, what many employers may not realize is that they also have a duty to provide a workplace that is free of sexual harassment from coworkers and management. This may seem like a daunting task, especially… Read More »

New York Employee Meal and Rest Breaks: A Primer

The average workday is approximately eight hours. In physically demanding jobs, these hours can be particularly grueling. Many New York employees may wonder what sort of rights they have when it comes to taking breaks. It may surprise many of them to learn that federal law does not offer these employees a legal right to… Read More »

UPS Reverses Policy on Pregnant Workers in Face of Claim

With a case pending with the U.S. Supreme Court, UPS has done an about-face on its policy regarding pregnant workers. The company recently issued a memo in which it stated that it would now offer temporary light duty work to pregnant workers, a policy already in place for injured workers but previously not extended to… Read More »

What Happens if a Former Employer Gives a Bad Reference?

When individuals are searching for a job, potential employers may ask them for references from past employers. For many applicants, this is a great chance to showcase past performances with glowing reviews from former employers. However, what happens if an old boss was unhappy with their work? Can that former employer be liable for furnishing… Read More »

Employees File Claim Against HSBC for Retaliation

According to the Financial Times, two employees of the securities firm HSBC have sued their employer for retaliation, claiming they were punished after reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. The employees brought two separate suits in the southern district court of New York in June and August.  The employees allege that they reported that a… Read More »

90 Percent of Female Restaurant Workers Report Sexual Harassment

New research indicates some stunning statistics in regard to sexual harassment in the food service industry. Studies have found that female workers have to deal with even greater rates of sexual harassment.  According to a recent study of restaurant workers, 90 percent of female employees have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. The Restaurant Opportunities… Read More »

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