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Discrimination Based on Unemployment in NYC

As our economy begins to reawaken following a long period of recession, many of the long-term unemployed are attempting to return to the workforce. Unfortunately, in many areas of the country, they are finding the doors shut as businesses pass over them in favor of applicants who are currently employed. While some jurisdictions have outlawed… Read More »

How New York State Law Provides Rights to Domestic Workers

Historically, domestic workers were not given the same employment rights as individuals working in large companies. This has placed hardship on the people who clean homes, take care of children and the elderly, and those who cook meals for families in home environments. Fortunately, New York State labor laws now include the Domestic Workers Bill… Read More »

New York City’s Human Rights Law — One of the Most Protective in the Nation

New York City has consistently remained a diverse, progressive place to live and work. The Human Rights Law of the City of New York was enacted in 1965 to protect this important aspect of the city. The landmark Human Rights Law strengthened prior laws that addressed discrimination in the workplace, education, housing and public accommodation…. Read More »

Tips for Preserving Your Legal Claim of Sexual Harassment

The steps you take after you experience sexual harassment in the workplace can affect your legal claim. Protect yourself from further discrimination and preserve your rights by: Being clear about rejecting sexual advances — One of the key elements in a sexual harassment claim is that advances are unwelcome. Ambiguity about your disapproval of the… Read More »

Unpaid Interns Work for Free and Are Denied Basic Legal Protections

Unpaid interns receive no income for their work, a fact that is readily apparent by their title. However, most interns probably don’t realize they also receive no protection against employment discrimination. This is because interns are not employees by virtue of their lack of wages. This circular and unfair logic has left the most vulnerable… Read More »

New York City Enhances Protections for Pregnant Workers

The New York City council expanded protections provided for mothers-to-be with the passage of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act this September. The legislation ensures that employers in New York City reasonably accommodate the needs of pregnant workers, for example with temporary reprieves from heavy lifting duties, frequent breaks to hydrate, the ability to sit down… Read More »

Sexual Harassment in Grad School

Graduate students often end up treading the line between student and employee. While they take positions assisting professors and teaching undergraduates as part of extending their education — and often receive payment for their work — they are first and foremost students who count on a collegial or at least civil learning environment as they… Read More »

Unemployment Discrimination in New York City Today

New York City’s Human Rights Law has long protected against discrimination based on: Race Color Creed Age National origin Alienage Citizenship status Gender Sexual orientation Disability Marital status Partnership status Any lawful source of income Status as a victim of domestic violence Status as a victim of sex offenses or stalking Lawful occupation Family status… Read More »

Taking a Step Forward: Transgender Anti-Discrimination Law in New York

Last year, as four times previously, the New York State Assembly passed the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA). And, just like the last four times the Assembly passed GENDA over the past decade — an anti-discrimination law that would add “gender identity and expression” to the existing New York State Human Rights Law — the… Read More »

The Roots of Fair Employment Law

New York State’s extensive anti-discrimination Human Rights Law did not spring intact from the minds of New York’s legislators. Instead, it built on existing federal and state laws to become one of the most inclusive, protective anti-discrimination laws in the nation. In 1945, New York’s Ives-Quinn Act — the Law Against Discrimination — became law,… Read More »

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